Thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign, the |Voltset is now in production. If you happened to miss the campaign, or just found out about us now, you can still pre-order your Voltset and accessories here.

  • Voltset Pro

    Voltset Pro is the flagship product sucessfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter 2014 (see here)

    Born from the idea of enabling you to enhance the capabilities of your smartphone with the ability to measure elecricity, Voltset not only aims at delivering such function, but with high focus on design thinking from how you hold it in your hand to how you have information presented on the screen. 

    Add Bluetooth Low Energy functionality to your Voltset, which includes a rechargeable battery and allow it to be powered by external power sources such as a wall socket, for potentially unlimited uptime. 

    • Wireless bluetooth transmission capability allows for data acquisition in dangerous places where you do not want to be close to the measurement. 
    • Turn your Voltset into an Internet Of Things device, through wall socket power and wireless data transmission to nearby devices through Bluetooth Low Energy. 
    • Display measurements on Android and IOS devices. 

    *****Delivery estimated Summer 2016*****

    Retail price is ~ $200, so pre-order now to save $50!

    *****Every pre-order is subject to full refund if you change your mind!*****

    $149.00 $200.00

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